NOW AVAILABLE!A 3 bedroom / 1 bath house is available for the upcoming school year, starting June 1st 2017. The address is 104 Halsey Drive. Please click on the address above for more information.

This location is only one block from the Seagulls Stadium.

Signing bonus offered - see the Halsey Drive page for details.

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Call for information or an appointment  240-481-4441

What We Offer

We have several great houses to choose from. We have 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom houses.
All feature full sized appliances, including washers and dryers. Our houses are thoroughly cleaned, including carpets, and are freshly painted before move-in. All are in like-new condition, have nice big back yards, and off-street parking for 3-4 vehicles. All houses are rented on a year to year lease.
All appliances are full-sized, and have been replaced within the last 3 years

All houses were renovated - roof, siding, gutters, etc. within the last 4 years
Carpets were installed within the last 3 years
All houses are air-conditioned
Trash and lawn services are included

Alarm service available if desired - please ask for details

All houses are thoroughly cleaned and painted before new tenant move-in